Doing somthing, could do more.

It’s now much to late, and I should be sleeping by now. But no, I’m just wasting time surfign the net. So I might as well blog a bit.

I have done no reading (serious math reading that is) today. That’s bad.
I have written a letter to a girl. That’s good.
I have already messed up a bad attempt at doing a old Simpsons joke over – That’s bad.
I have written a list of things I still have to do before I go to Thailand… Can I go to sleep now?

Going to Thailand

So, I finally got the last reservations for my trip to Thailand, so I will be going there for most of October. Looking forward to nice weather, a hot pool – and a hopefully just as hot ocean.

But i must not forget my Bachelors project. I have started reading “for real” today. I’t been a long time since i last read mathemaical texts, and i can feel that, but hopefull speed will pick up.

Else, i have been doing some laundry, cleaning etc. today, and i gues i should be looking for some lunch soon. Wonder what’s in the fridge…


So, today when i woke up i called my doctor. I was not feeling teribly ill, but had a bit of a sore throat, and with the whole thing Mark went through in New York i would rather check one time to many. So i got a appointment, and it turned out to be just a virus, so no need to worry to much about that.

Later i went to dnlb to pick up one more book for my Bachelors project. I also went down to talk to my advisor on the project. He gave me a quick introduction to the subject of the project and advised me on some reading. So now i just need to start reading…

Home Sweet home

So, I finally made it back from the states.
A lot of things happened, but this is not the time for me to write about it all. If you know me and run into me whitin the next copule of weeks I will proberly tell you a story or two… and in the end i might at some point put some more words in here.

Some of the pictures from the trip can be seen here:

And now, I will get back to all my unfinished tasks (bills, spam mail, laundry, etc.), while i think of a very special californian girl…

Going to Calefornia…

So, my cousin got married, I was in Vejle and a lot of other things happened, but I did not write anything about that here – did not have the time, nor do i now.

But tomorrow i’m leaving for California for a nice vacation with some mates. Let’s see if I get to write anything ‘over there’, or else it will have to wait until i get back home. May be ill also have some pictures… Time will tell.