Summer the way it is supposed to be…!

Tuesday I got up late(ish) and went to visit Esben. We went for a run in Amager Fællede. We did manage to stray from the marked trail and ended up on a path that really wasn’t a path. In the end we were in some very long grass and facing water so deep and wide that we had no option but to turn back.

After the run we went to Havnebadet for a quick swim in the 20 degrees hot water and some lunch at Kulturhuset. Sitting outside in the sun having a burger by the water front is just something I don’t do often enough.

Later in the day Thomas had invited quite a big group of people for dinner and a movie. Emil (who I hadn’t seen in ages) was one of the people. He has just gotten him self a motor cycle not to long ago, so we agreed that we had to go for a ride some time soon. The movie, Harry Potter, was ok – I haven’t read the books, so nothing was spoiled for me. I think some of the other more ‘hardcore’ fans were a bit disappointed but that is the way it always is when you read the book and then see the movie. I thought the movie ended rather sudden, but I guess you have to remember that it is followed by two more books / movies. All in all a nice evening.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text message from Emil. The weather was perfect for a quick MC ride. And it had been quite some time since my bike had last been taken for a spin.
We decided to meet up in Virum. From there we rode out to the coast and then up north along the water. It really is a nice view and the sunny weather only made it better. We got all the way to Helsingør and the Kronborg Castle and then back home on the freeway. I finally met up with Esben (and later on Mark and Rasmus) for a great workout – and to top it off this morning (well, noon) I went running with Rasmus… I think my legs will be sore tomorrow.


For the first time this year I went running outside today. I ran with two friends from their dorm. I’m not sure how long we ran, but it was a good start of the season and I’m sure I will have sore legs tomorrow. The weather was great for running – maybe a bit cold right when we started, but as we started running the cold stopped being a problem.

So I guess that means that spring is finally here – and I like it!

By the way, when did it start being all right for cars to not use their turn signals when turning, pulling over and stuff like that?!? It does make life as a bike cyclist a lot more… intense!

One hour, three minutes and three seconds!

Today I ran my first ever Eremitageløb. I got what I personally consider a good time. I ran the 13.3 km in 1:03:03. Since it’s my first time running, it really is a personal best.

It was raining quite a bit when we were going there, but luckily the rain stopped, and for the last stretch the sun was actually shining a bit. All the other runners were of course in my way (or I was in theirs…), but that is the way it is, and I guess the conditions are the same for everyone. And if I choose to run next year I should be able to start a bit further up front, where hopefully people are generally setting a faster pace.

Oh the pain…

The pain helps me remember that I’m alive! My legs hurt quite a lot when I walk around. Not so much when I sit or if I stand still.
I went running yesterday evening by myself. I got all the way around all the lakes – twice. And all in about 1 hour and 5-10 minutes. It’s the first time that I have run so long a distance (it’s roughly 12.5 km, give or take), but with Eremitage løbet coming up this Sunday, not one moment to soon.

Monday I went with Esben to see All Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth in Dagmar. I didn’t expect much but was to some extend pleasantly surprised. It’s basically one long presentation of his ‘slide show’ that he has given several times, spiced up with a few anecdotes, fancy graphics and similar.
Living in Europe and living (for better and for worse) the life that I do, of course the movie also had a message to me, but I felt a lot of it was very much for the American audience. Also, a lot of the information was in no way new to me, although some things were put into quite other perspectives.

While walking home from the cinema Esben and I talked about what to do about the situation/problems that the movie brought up. Our conversation covered a lot of ground, and our ideas spread from on the one hand start really using less energy, and use environmentally friendly energy, to on the other hand getting ready to live in a Water World like world, and starting already now looking into growing gills.

Got My Feel Good Fix Today!

While running with Rasmus Friday afternoon we talked about signing up for helping the Danish Red Cross collection, which was today, Sunday.

Actually I thought Rasmus had forgotten, but he sent me a text message Saturday evening telling me to show up at his place today at 10.40 o’clock.

When we got to the Red Cross center at Blegdamsvej all the routes were already distributed to others, so along with some other volunteers we were sent to Tårnby, where we got available routes. Because of all the transportation time we started about 1.5 hours late, but the weather was nice, and the people we met were in general friendly (except for one woman who got really mad at Rasmus because he rang her doorbell and thereby disturbing the sleep of her daughter).

When we got back to Blegdamsvej we actually ran into Jørgen Poulsen (the Secretary General of the Danish Red Cross), who had the time to say hello and tell about how his own collecting today had gone.

Another weekend

I have just gotten in the door after spending a few hours at Østre Anlæg, where I was attending Stella Polaris . Rasmus and I had planned to go to the beach, but instead we ended up at Østre Anlæg. Was quite nice just relaxing in the sunshine with chill-out music playing.

The rest of my weekend has been used for consuming quite a lot of alcohol. Most of my Saturday was wasted just laying on the couch with a hangover. I did however do some things that I have been postponing for way to long.
I finally signed up for Erimitageløbet, and I finally put up the two last lamps in the living room.

Before going out for a few beers Saturday night we watched Superman Returns at Imperial. I wasn’t really impressed, but it was more or less what I had expected. Kevin Spacey did a great Lex Luthor, but what surprised me the most was that Louis Lane and Superman had a child together. According to my biology classes that means that they have in fact had sex at some point… or as Thomas pointed out after the movie, maybe Clark Kent had dragged a very drunk Louis Lane into the copy-room during a company party at the Daily Planet. But I guess that is an aspect of their relationship that will never make it to the big screen. Maybe for the best.

If all goes well I should be going running with Rasmus in one hour or so, when it gets cold enough, and I guess that ends a though but fun weekend.


Today was Sunday. I got up around… late. Found something to eat, got dressed, had a bath (maybe not that way around) packed my algebra books and headed for the park where Esben was already sitting reading seriously. The weather today was really great. Not a cloud at the sky, and nice and warm. I looked over my algebra problems for the last hand in, and quickly realised that I was in no way able to solve any of them. Dosed off on the grass, half awake, half asleep. Woke up again some time later, took another look at the books. Convinced my self that I could do one of the problems, but didn’t get anything down on paper, so I will properly have to do the whole argument again some time later. Dosed off on the grass in the sun again until around 3 pm.
Got home, played a bit of computer games, until Rasmus showed up. Esben, Rasmus and I then went running. I gave up half way, but the important thing is that I have started running – and it won’t be the last time!
After some diner consisting of salmon bagels Esben and I did some WoW playing and some TV watching.
All in all a great Sunday with no work and all play. Just as Sundays are supposed to be!