So, it’s snowing here. I thought spring was right around the cornor, but I guess I was wrong…

Been a while since I last “bloged”. I have been ill, have missed a couple of classes, and have decided to skip my physics course for now. So now I will be consentrating on my functional analysis course.
I have also unofficialy been told that I have passede my bachelors project, but that the official message is still stuck somewhere in university bureaucracy. That’s good, I guess. I had however thought I would be more thrilled by that message. Maby my sore throat etc. took the happiness out of it?

So tired…

My blog-entry-writing-client keeps crashing, so I will keep it short, and hope I get to write just a few lines. I’m down with a cold, just passing time, untill classes start at the 6. of February.

I finished my project, it can be seen over here:

If I feel better by friday, I also hope to go see the Danmarks Sociale Forum.

Oh look, snow!

It has started snowing here within the last hour or so. To bad for the kids that they did not get a “white christmas” but hopefully this will make up for that. I’m proberly going to stay inside all day writing anyway, so I really don’t care.

Christmas went fine – all things considered. The food was great, the company was “hyggeligt” and now there is a whole year, before I have to go through the whole thing again.

… well, back to my paper.

But baby – it’s cold outside

Det er møg koldt indenfor, jeg tror jeg er ved at blive forkølet, og om lidt har jeg tænkt mig (frivilligt…) at bevæge mig ud i kulden for at komme op på Søren Hs kollegie køkken, hvor der er fest/julefrokost.

Jeg har kun fået skrevet en halv side på mit projekt i dag. Jeg havde ellers sat mig for at jeg skulle skrive en hel side hver dag. Jeg fik skrevet en side i går. Jeg fik den skrevet i går nat – gik først i seng kl. 4 om morgenen. Sådan kan man også bruge en fredag aften/nat.

Ellers sider jeg og stresser lidt over at skattevæsenet vil have kopier af nogle papirer som jeg ikke har. Det er jo surt, men forhåbentligt kan jeg få nogle kopier fra banken eller et andet sted, de må jo have den slags. Men sådan som jeg har det nu tror jeg hurtigt min aften kan blive rigtig rigtig hård for mig helbred… hvad man ikke gør for snaps.


It has been a long time since I last wrote here and I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts togehter. It has also been a long time sicne I last wrote in my diary – which might be a factor in my mental situation. So many things should have my attention, and at the end of the day quite a lot of those things seem… meaningless or not really important in the big picture. What I really need is to clear my mind and get a grip I think. Or loos grip and just see where the whirlwind that is life takes me? But enough of my rambeling pocket-philosophy.

Thursday I was at “julestue” at my old school, met some of my old class mates, some of my old teachers, etc. A few of us ended up getting some beer and went towards the city. We ended up at Sams Bar (of all places!) after having been by Postpuben in Lyngby, Out of Juice and Moose.

I have finally started writing on my bachelor project. So far I have written very little, and most of it is notes and thoughts, more than actual readable content. But when I get a little more done, and it starts looking a bit more… ready, I will start distributing it far and wide in the hope than some more eyes than mine can catch all the spelling mistakes, etc. The project has to be 30 pages so right now I just want to get somthing down on paper (or tex as it is), but since the topics I have to touch on are rather wide, limiting myself and picking out the important parts (and leaving out the trivial) will proberly become a challenge later. Anyway, I have to be done by the 27. of January 2006 – so wish me luck.

Overfald og projekt

I går – tirsdag aftes – var der åbenbart et voldeligt overfald i Århus på lokale antiracister. Sygt!

Se mere her:

Af mere fredelige nyheder kan jeg fortælle at jeg var hos min vejleder i går, og vi blev enige om et udkast til en problemformulering for mit projekt. Det kan jo nå at ændre sig, men ellers er det bare at komme igang med at skrive. Jeg skal aflevere opgaven i slutningen af januar og det skal være på ca. 30 sider, så hvis jeg skriver 2 sider om dagen passer det nok meget godt med at der sikkert bliver en masse uproduktive dage omkring jul/nytår (og weekender og druk og dovenskab og …)


The weather here is still great, the water hot and my math book as exciting as ever.

I went to see a tailor today (after getting some quick fashion advice from back home – thanks Mark), so it would seem that I will be leaving Samui with 2 new suites.
On the way home along the beach I saw a elephant – the pictures are not great, but they are over here somewhere: .
Else, I don’t think I have anything interesting to tell – still alive, doing well and enjoying life.

Going to Thailand

So, I finally got the last reservations for my trip to Thailand, so I will be going there for most of October. Looking forward to nice weather, a hot pool – and a hopefully just as hot ocean.

But i must not forget my Bachelors project. I have started reading “for real” today. I’t been a long time since i last read mathemaical texts, and i can feel that, but hopefull speed will pick up.

Else, i have been doing some laundry, cleaning etc. today, and i gues i should be looking for some lunch soon. Wonder what’s in the fridge…


So, today when i woke up i called my doctor. I was not feeling teribly ill, but had a bit of a sore throat, and with the whole thing Mark went through in New York i would rather check one time to many. So i got a appointment, and it turned out to be just a virus, so no need to worry to much about that.

Later i went to dnlb to pick up one more book for my Bachelors project. I also went down to talk to my advisor on the project. He gave me a quick introduction to the subject of the project and advised me on some reading. So now i just need to start reading…