Need more Teletubbies!

Yesterday The Flaming Lips played at Tivoli.

Flaming Lips laser show

I saw them last year at the very wet 2007 Roskilde Festival. The smaller stage at Tivoli did set a limit to how many aliens, constructions workers and Teletubbies they were able to bring to the stage, but they did bring quite a show, both for the ears and eyes. Lots of balloons, confetti, lights and more!

After the concert we went for “just one beer” and that beer turned into another one and soon the sun was getting up and Saturday morning was here.

Sol, strand, grill og øl

Når vejret er så godt som det er i øjeblikket kan man godt glemme at vi lever i en verden med web 2.0 – så her er en video af nogle pølser pakket ind i bacon (de smagte godt efter en tur på grillen!)

og et link til nogle billeder fra en tur på Heidi’s Bierbar:

Hello planet Ubuntu

If I have set up everything right this should be my first post to the planet.

I got my Ubuntu membership yesterday from the EMEA membership board. Approval process went smooth (tip to other hopeful applicants – links to pictures seem to be a hit, especially if most of your other documentation is in a non-English language). A big thanks goes to Martin and Søren for supporting my membership.

After the irc approval was over and done with I went for a few beers with (among others) my good friend Søren – not really to celebrate, but just because it is the holidays and we have these days off.

I wish I could end this blog post with a promise of all the Ubuntu specific stuff I’m going to do over the next couple of days, but unfortunately I think my school work comes first right now – or at least that is what I tell myself.

Q & A

Q: Hvornår er det på tide at forlade Sams Bar

A: Når du er på Sams Bar

Det burde ikke engang være nødvendigt at gøre opmærksom på. Men det gik for sent op for mig i torsdags. Så i stede for at gøre det oplagte i det jeg kom ind af døren til Sams Bar, nemlig at gå igen, blev jeg hængende og endte med at skråle med på I’m so excited og drikke noget ulækkert sprut med tilsat kunstig jordbær smag.
Jeg kan jo kun håbe at jeg lærer af mine fejltagelser…

Get a haircut, hippie!

Another 3 days of light (and heavy!) drinking come to a halt. (Well, today is not over yet, and my uncle might just be serving a beer or two when I go visit this evening… so make this the start of day four.) Thursday was just a few beers before going to see The Simpsons Movie (for the third time) and to relax after my first day of work.
Friday was a bit more heavy. Our group of five (give or take a few, people seemed to join and leave through out the night) started out drinking a few at The Old English Pub before we went to see Saybia play fredagsrock in Tivoli.

See pictures (not by me or anyone I know) from the concert here:

I have never really been a great Saybia fan – and must admit that they had to play more than one tune before I even started to recognise the music. I was not the only one not feeling the full concert vibe, so we headed out of Tivoli and ended up at Den Glade Gris.
After a bit of waiting a live band started playing some nice Rock covers. One hour followed the next and after a while some of the guys and girls started leaving, so the rest of us moved on to Heidi’s to meet some new people. It was hot (as always) and our entire group managed to get thrown out over a quarrel with one of the bartenders. At first he just called the doorman to move one or two of us out, but as the rest of us started to question the logic we were all asked to leave. The doorman of course had to follow the requests from the bartender, but deep down I think he him self could see that it was a bit silly throwing us out. His said something along the lines of “You’r clearly having to much fun” to justify throwing us out. Which makes a lot of sense – usually people come to Heidi’s to sit and be depressed? If I want to have fun, I go out, if I want to be alone and depressed I will stay in my room and watch a wall, Swedish television or something similarly depressing/boring.

Anyway, we moved on, was thrown out of another bar (because they closed, not because of our good spirit) and finally ended up in Lades Kælder.

So, I had hoped yesterday could just be easy and relaxing, but Søren had just returned from a month of inter rail, so when he asked me to a party at his dorm I really could not say no. And as always in the dorm I ended up getting a lot of Harboe gulds and liquor. Long story short, after a lot of heavy drinking at the dorm and a few other places I finally went home from a party (with a bonfire in the back yard and everything) in a collective in Bellahøj.


I went folk-dancing (and later on to Park – no folk-dancing there) with the ESN-Copenhagen Thursday. While at Park I was told of a ‘drinking’ game called Minesweeper. I had never heard of it before, so I thought I might as well share here on my blog…

You play the game at a club, bar or really anywhere with a lot of people (most fun if you don’t know everyone, so a public place is best I guess). Then you go around to pickup and drink ‘abandoned’ drinks.
If the drink you pickup is not entirely abandoned part of the game is of course also to not get noticed by the right full owner of the drink.

So, how do you ‘hit a mine’?
The example I was given is that if you get a drink with drugs in it, you have ‘hit a mine’! I don’t know if putting drugs in drinks and leaving them around a bar is common practise anywhere, but I have never heard of it before… anyway, I guess you could add to the game and decide that getting a beer bottle with a cigarette bud in it or getting caught by the right full owner of the drink would also count as hitting a mine…

Sounds fun? I thought it was a very fun idea when I heard about it…

PS. Don’t try this at home kids! Of course you should not go around drinking drinks you haven’t bought your self or you don’t know whats in… (without bringing me along to judge your performance!)

New Years in Sweden

I celebrated new years in Malmö, Sweden this year. Joe (and his brother and girlfriend) had invited some family and friends (I fit into the last category) to eat, drink, dance and all the other new years stuff.
Although most members of the party were danish some of the subtle differences between how Swedes and Danes celebrate new years became very obvious. While we were inside watching Dinner for One just before 12 o clock, the Swedes were outside shooting fireworks. After watching the televised strikes of the town hall clock of Copenhagen we went outside, only to realize that the fireworks display was almost over by then.

I had forgotten about this parody called 80-års fødselsdagen (in danish) and I didn’t get to watch it this year, but today I (re)found it. Thought I would share (and get some video onto this blog). You might like it or not…

Happy new year!

Ahhh. It’s 1.40 pm (ish) and I’m having Coca-Cola and chips for break feast. Nothing better after a night out on the town with friends.
There were five of us out talking, drinking, dancing and just having a good time.

Oh, and since I last blogged (what a strange word, come to think of it…) I got through Christmas with the family, some social activities etc. and did way to little school work. Same old…

See you all in 2007…