Elvis Costello & The Imposters

So far all the entries in this (yet short) blog have been kinda serious. But not this one. I went with my flatmate to see Elvis Costello and The Imposters in Tivoli yesterday. It was an ok consert (although some people had trouble understanding that they were not the only ones there, so they started unfolding umbrellas up to avoid the rain – making it hard to see the stage for the rest of us).
On the way home it realy rained alot and there was also thunder, so since we were already soaking wet we started running and jumping in puddles. Might as well just have fun, right?
I wonder if my clothes are dry yet…

And since i still have a lot of exams the next 3 weeks, that was proberly the most fun i’m going to have until the exams are all over. Lucky me!

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