Reading? No (not yet anyway).

So, it’s almost one o’clock and i have not yet done any reading today. I got up a bit later than i usually do, ate breakfeast while playing a bit of WoW. Then Søren H called asking if i had a cd he needed. He came bye, but it turned out I didn’t have the cd he wanted – a guy at his kitchen had it.
But we talked a bit, drank a shot of whisky (old tradition we startede when i was living with him 4 years ago) and just “hung out”. So, he had a class and i had to get a book from dnlb, so we got on our bikes and went to Nørrebro. The weather outside is great! Really great! I remeber thinking on the way home, “ok, maby i have not done a whole lot of reading yet, but does it really matter, when life is this nice?”.

So, i got home, did some groceries shopping, and now, i guess there is only one thing for me to do… get lunch!
And then, maby read a bit? You never know?

I also chattede a bit with esben this morning. Sounded like he has had a lot of fun – he has been on a short trip to Mexico. Could have been quite fun.

Anyway, i’m off to the ktichen to fix me some food.

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