It’s freaking yellow!

War! AIDS-epidemic! Government corruption!
These and other topics are of course important, but they seem to fade in comparison to what I am about to show you!

You, my dear educated sophisticated widely travelled reader might not think twice about the following, but for me it was a world shaking event… I’m of course talking about the first time I saw a yellow water melon.

In my world up until quite recently watermelons are red. (Unless they have gone bad of course.) But this one is yellow. It tasted all right, but it just seemed so strange.

Judge for your self


Anyway, yesterday I went with Thomas to Tivoli to watch and hear Beth Hart play Fredagsrock. I didn’t even know who she was (during the concert only one number seemed familiar), but the concert was great! I was really happy that we went. For obvious reasons I have never actually been to a concert in the seventies, but I think she hit that ‘vibe’ quite well.
Long story short, I liked what I heard!

Thomas and I later went for a few beers at a few pubs/kroer/bars, met up with some friends of Thomas and got more beers. So now I’m sitting here a bit hungover and trying to figure out what to do with my Saturday

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