All the cool kids are doing it…!

I just got home a few hours ago… I’m still dizzy, drunk (or both) from my fathers party last night.
I might at a later point come back to writing a little more about that, but right now I will blog about something else.

For some time I have been looking for a way to host some pictures. Both for this blog, but also just in general. I used to run my own gallery server, but that machine is turned off for the moment, I can’t run a gallery server at my current host… long story short, I have signed up at flickr and I must say I am impressed! I haven’t uploaded very many pictures yet (but hopefully will in time), but the features seem really cool, and most importantly, I now have a place to share pictures with the rest of the world.

My flickr profile is linked here (I think). Feel free to look around.

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