Quick Diaspora update

Just a quick note to other would-be Diaspora-pod-runners out there (since I couldn’t seem to find any info about this anywhere):
It is my experience that a pod needs 750 mb of ram as a minimum.

This is just my personal experience of what keeps my pod from crashing. It is very likely that I’m just a bad pod maintainer, and that you can in fact run a pod on much less.
Also note that of course the number of users, and their usage patterns will be reflected in the hardware requirements.

If this blog-post makes no sense to you what so ever, here is a cute animal:

Cute little foalCute little foal by Ernst Vikne

Slicehost vs. Linode vs. ???

I have some projects in mind that would require some hosting – and not just some casual web-hosting, but actual root access.

If I will ever get the time to work on the projects is another issue, but the first step would be to actually get some hosting.

A quick Google search seem to indicate that Slicehost and Linode pretty much provide what I’m looking for, at a reasonable price.

So far I’m leaning towards Linode. Mainly because they have a data center in London, and I might as well have the host as close to me as possible, should all cables across the Atlantic suddenly be severed.
They also seem to have a little lower prices on what to me looks like comparable products. But I haven’t made up my mind yet.
If you have any experience with either of the two companies I would appreciate your thoughts in the comments below.
Also, if you know of companies that provide similar services (within the same price range), let me know, but my quick Google search seems to come up with only the two companies.

Thank you in advance.