Yesterday evening I went to Malmö, met up with Joe and went to Slagthuset to taste some whiskey at the Smak af Whisky.

I must admit my knowledge of whiskey is limited, and I usually mix it with cheap cola (I know some people might be sitting in front of their monitors, or what ever they use to experience this blog, going “Heresy! Burn Him!”, but I must admit I do). But I got through without revealing my complete lack of knowledge of the subject.

Some of the whiskeys were good (I’m sure they all were, but good to me), and others were a bit to much. Especially a smoked one had a very nice scent, but tasted to much of… well, smoke.

At the end of the evening we went for a local sausage with mashed potatoes, my first ever. It was far from as bad as I expected (but of course not as good as the whiskeys).