I went on a trip around the island today. Among other things I saw some budist temples, some scenic view point and a waterfall. There were a lot of germans in the group I was with, and it is times like this that I wish I was better at german – so many parts of danish and german are similar, but yet, I can’t understand them. Sometimes I could make up scentences, or the theme of the conversation, but folowing the talks was not possible for me. But some of them were nice enough to speak some english from time to time. All in all they were a friendly lot.

Unfortunatly my digital camera had a memory problem (in that I had forgotten to delete the old pictures), so I only took two pictures with that. I did however take some pictures with my old “analog” camera. So I hope they turn out great when they get printed – but clearly I can’t upload those pictures.

At one of the temples I was blessed (I guess) by a monk – and got a wristband for “good luck for you” as he put it. He said a lot of other things to, but I’m pretty sure they were not in a language that I master. And while he spoke he splashed water on my head. I don’t really feel any more lucky (or unlucky) after, but hey, if nothing else, it is a good story.

I also got to do some hiking (in my sandals!) up to the waterfall, and was rewarded by a nice swim in the water. Very refreshing.

On a more genreal note, there has been some days with bad weather (as I have mentioned?), but it seems to be turning around now. Yesterday was good, today was good, and I’m hoping tomorow brings good weather to. But while it was raining / cloudy I did take some pictures of my suroundings. They have been uploaded as well.

Think that is all from me for now – one week until I go home. How will I spend that time? Maby going for a swim and getting some sun? Yes, that sounds like a good plan!

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