I think Esben might find the lable of this mineral water bottle funny. (You might have to zoom in a bit.)

Else nothing really interesting / new is going on down here. (There is a limit to how many blog entrys you can make of “got up, ate, went to the beach, read math, went for a swim, read more, ate and went to sleep”.) But I am still enjoying it! :)

I might end up using more money at the tailor than I am going to use on everything else put together. But that might be related to the fairly cheep prices on food here. A warm meal for lunch, with a soda or drink (including a tip) can be had for roughly 15 – 20 danish crowns. Also the local salespeople on the beach seem to thinks I look like I need to relax more than I already am – they keep wanting to sell me canabis. I have told them all no so far, but the next time maby Ill ask what the price is, just to check.

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