Math it is!

I had to choose between doing my masters (I think it is called masters, the danis term is “kandidat”), in either physics or math. After a hasty reading of what the two contain, I choose math – and have signed up for courses for the commin spring. I thought that I would be able to spend more time (and points) on courses of my choice, but there will still be 30 ETCS points that I can use how ever I choose – and they will proberly be used for physics courses. I have already signed up for a quantum field theory course. I think it is a very theoretical course, and it will be hard, but I hope to be able to pass it.

I did think I would have more time to make the final decision on this, but it turned out I had to choose courses before the 10. of December, not leaving much time. But I think (and hope) it is the right choice I have made.

I’m off to get some fresh air, and then maby some late dinner.

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