My dad and I had a talk some days ago about summer. We are planing on riding our motorcycles down through Europe. We havent (and I don’t think we will) planed any exact route etc. And it’s not like we have set a goal that we have to get to the mediterranean or anything like that. But we will see how far we get in the few weeks we will be going. A casual guess would proberly be that we end up somewhere around southern Germany.

My new years eve this year also seems to finally be falling into place. Søren H has invitede me (and some friends) to join the party at his place, so that’s cool (or, hopefully, going to be cool).

I’m still writing project, and I’m still not writing fast enough to make myself compleately happy. But I guess I should just get on with it instead of writing random bloge entrys or listening to music or playing computer games or…, well, I’m off to write some more – right after lunch!

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