So, it’s 2006 now. Newyears went fine – good food (sushi) here, and then off to rhk for drinking, dancing and general partyiing.

I finally got around to applying for my masters, turning in the application that is. Don’t know how long they need to do the paper work, but I guess they will contact me when they accept (or reject!) my application. I did that thursday. Same day as Esben returned from the states. After 15 hours of traveling, he sounded like he does when he is drunk, but all in all I think he was ok with comming home. The appartment looks like someone put a wardrobe into a blender and forgot to put the lid on – Esben is unpacking, Thomas hasn’t quite picked up all his stuff and there is generally a mess. (I’m not trying to be holy or anything, I have a lot of stuff laying around to.) But I guess that will all be cleaned up in the comming days. No big deal.

I should be writing just a little bit today, but as well as I know myself, I will proberly waste the next 4-5 hours and then go drinking with Esben and Mark. But who knows, time will tell. Maby I will stay at home and write the last 4-5 pages I need – blaah, who am I kidding!

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