New Years in Sweden

I celebrated new years in Malmö, Sweden this year. Joe (and his brother and girlfriend) had invited some family and friends (I fit into the last category) to eat, drink, dance and all the other new years stuff.
Although most members of the party were danish some of the subtle differences between how Swedes and Danes celebrate new years became very obvious. While we were inside watching Dinner for One just before 12 o clock, the Swedes were outside shooting fireworks. After watching the televised strikes of the town hall clock of Copenhagen we went outside, only to realize that the fireworks display was almost over by then.

I had forgotten about this parody called 80-års fødselsdagen (in danish) and I didn’t get to watch it this year, but today I (re)found it. Thought I would share (and get some video onto this blog). You might like it or not…

Happy new year!


So, it’s 2006 now. Newyears went fine – good food (sushi) here, and then off to rhk for drinking, dancing and general partyiing.

I finally got around to applying for my masters, turning in the application that is. Don’t know how long they need to do the paper work, but I guess they will contact me when they accept (or reject!) my application. I did that thursday. Same day as Esben returned from the states. After 15 hours of traveling, he sounded like he does when he is drunk, but all in all I think he was ok with comming home. The appartment looks like someone put a wardrobe into a blender and forgot to put the lid on – Esben is unpacking, Thomas hasn’t quite picked up all his stuff and there is generally a mess. (I’m not trying to be holy or anything, I have a lot of stuff laying around to.) But I guess that will all be cleaned up in the comming days. No big deal.

I should be writing just a little bit today, but as well as I know myself, I will proberly waste the next 4-5 hours and then go drinking with Esben and Mark. But who knows, time will tell. Maby I will stay at home and write the last 4-5 pages I need – blaah, who am I kidding!

New Years eve comming up? Why was I not warned?

Somehow new years eve tomorrow managed to jump me by surprise, but in last minute I ordered some sushi for tomorrow, and Rasmus has promised to bring some desert and some salate, so all in all I think the three of us (Thomas being the third) will have fun eating and drinking, before we hit the town (the town being rhk). Let’s hope it all goes really well, and that none of us get to drunk and fall in one of the lakes on our way to rhk.

My project is getting more and more pages day by day, and hopefully soon it will be in a state where I can ask others to have a look at it.