They talk the talk…

Everyone who has a opinion about the future of our society (especially almost every member of the parliament, business leaders etc.) here in Denmark keep saying (among other things) that we need more young people to study science. They may or may not be right, I can’t see into the future, so I can’t tell, but if they really feel that is the way to go, they should put their money where their mouth is!
I went with my flatmate Esben to the gym Saturday, and then went to see his “office” at the CBS. I know a direct comparison between the CBS and my school, the Institute for Mathematical Sciences at University of Copenhagen is not possible. The CBS has a lot more students, is financed in a quite different way etc., but when I saw the leather bound hand railings, student group room after student group room with new furniture, flat screen TVs I could not help but thinking, “where do these money come from?”.

I’m not as such jealous or have a grudge at the CBS students (or any other students for that matter) and it’s not that I don’t enjoy the physical surroundings at my school. But to some extend I’m sure the physical surroundings do play a big part in the joy and quality of learning… so why are we at the faculty of science not walking around in futuristic hi-tech architectonic wonders, with great acoustics, lots of group studies rooms etc. when others are? Am I just whining like a little kid here, or is it that a lot of people have a lot of great words about science students and what should be done for them, but don’t really want to follow the golden words with cold hard cash? I begin to suspect the later…

That being said, spring has really hit Copenhagen. Saturday was a great day for being outside, and the evening was even warm enough for casual’ish cloths. Sunday I got a phone call from David. He has gotten his own MC finally, so we met up, and drove to Langelinie and then a short trip north along the cost, before our paths split, David driving home, and me going to my uncle for dinner.

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