Hello Freenet

If you don’t know what freenet is, this post won’t make much sense to you. If you do know, chances are that you are reading this post from freenet.

I have been using freenet for a long time, but haven’t really inserted content before. Some of you may ‘know’ me as sbc in the #freenet irc channel on freenode.

Even though it might not be original content I have chosen to mirror my blog to freenet, as it seems content is the only real thing non-coders can help out with. I’m still trying to figure out if I should use wget instead of httrack, so there might be a few more tweaks coming up. For inserting I’m using PyFCP. I still don’t quite grasp the whole key thing fully yet. Hopefully I will soon. You should be able to reach my blog on freenet at

USK@jBURIYscwTP6akmRCfykvkcVc4bHQQICv75UwuwIh5k,W5gehPmNBoXUDM8Ly35mf~mMOtaJqy00XIar29GfSHg,AQABAAE/Blog/2/and as always on the real net at

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  1. I’m trying to set myself up on freenet not really sure what the hell i’m doing on it, but hopefully be able to figure something out. I tried your key didn’t work. :s

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