Got My Feel Good Fix Today!

While running with Rasmus Friday afternoon we talked about signing up for helping the Danish Red Cross collection, which was today, Sunday.

Actually I thought Rasmus had forgotten, but he sent me a text message Saturday evening telling me to show up at his place today at 10.40 o’clock.

When we got to the Red Cross center at Blegdamsvej all the routes were already distributed to others, so along with some other volunteers we were sent to Tårnby, where we got available routes. Because of all the transportation time we started about 1.5 hours late, but the weather was nice, and the people we met were in general friendly (except for one woman who got really mad at Rasmus because he rang her doorbell and thereby disturbing the sleep of her daughter).

When we got back to Blegdamsvej we actually ran into Jørgen Poulsen (the Secretary General of the Danish Red Cross), who had the time to say hello and tell about how his own collecting today had gone.

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