One CD, two CD, three CD…

The CDs for the Danish Ubuntu LoCo team arrived today. Less than one week after release. That’s quite fast if you ask me!


The CD box contains 250 regular Ubuntu 9.04 CDs, 75 Kubuntu CDs and 75 server CDs. All i386, there are no 64-bit CDs this time. If you have 64 bit hardware and want a 64 bit OS, hopefully you know how to download that your self.

EDIT: Søren points out that the server CDs are in fact 64 bit.

8 thoughts on “One CD, two CD, three CD…”

  1. Why no 64bit? With the native flash plugin (and Java, if you want), it has finally become really useful. And with 4 GB of RAM becoming standard, you need it to address all your memory. So the time for 64bit has finally come – and we should be proud of that, because Microsoft still has some way to go.

  2. ” 250 regular Ubuntu 9.04 CDs, 75 Kubuntu CDs”

    Talk about the same claimed support for Gnome anf Kde … Sadly those numbers show exactly how much investment is put into KDE by Cannonical (ironically) … Yeah I know it’s offtopic, though it was the first thing to cross my mind after seeing 250 vs 75 numbers …

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