Attention Ubuntu One administrators / Canonical Server Staff

When your service over a period of several days is unavailable (or at least very flacky) for a number of users, it would really be appreciated if you would at least give some kind of acknowledgement of the problem, and a time frame for when you would expect the problem to be fixed.

A Twitter account that has last been updated July of last year and a wiki Status page that states “Service information available“, with latest updates from March last year is not good enough.

I enjoy my Ubuntu One file storage, but when a problem is happening for four days, without any information given to the users, I start looking around for alternatives. We all know they are out there…

(Yes, I did file a bug report…)

2 thoughts on “Attention Ubuntu One administrators / Canonical Server Staff”

  1. Argh! I wish I’d known. I visited the U1 “Status Page” and it claimed everything was okay. Since I couldn’t login, couldn’t sync anything, I ended up ditching U1!

    I’ve been a customer for over a year, but I had to ditch U1 for Dropbox – paid the £60 up front and made the switch.

    They lost a customer through this lack of acknowledgement and communication. I’m gutted. It was a great service for a long time.

  2. I believe there are other communication problems there.

    I have opened a bug report the 02.12.2013 because I can’t view my photos on the U1 web interface, and I have urged an answer the 26.12.2013, but so far no response.
    I’m still an U1 user because I can “survive” with this issue, but at least a feedback would be appreciated.

    I remember some time ago, they gave quickly a feedback. Perhaps now they are too involved in the mobile development :-)

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