Birthday commin up soon…

Yesterday I had some old friends over for sushi, wine, beer and ‘pebernødder’. It had been a long time since we had met last time and it was fun to talk about old times (and more recent events as well).
They also helped me rearrange the furniture in my living room, and so far I’m very happy with the result. I still need to get books back on the shelves of the bookcase and stuff like that, but the furniture is placed both esthetically (in lack of a better word) and practically. My ‘study’ is also coming along nicely and should be ready for use soon.

Today I met with some fellow students and we worked through the last hand in for one of my courses. So now I just have to type it in so it’s ready for handing in at Monday. Being my birthsday tomorrow and with the party and all I don’t plan to do any school stuff Saturday (birthsday and party) or Sunday (hangover).