Get a haircut, hippie!

Another 3 days of light (and heavy!) drinking come to a halt. (Well, today is not over yet, and my uncle might just be serving a beer or two when I go visit this evening… so make this the start of day four.) Thursday was just a few beers before going to see The Simpsons Movie (for the third time) and to relax after my first day of work.
Friday was a bit more heavy. Our group of five (give or take a few, people seemed to join and leave through out the night) started out drinking a few at The Old English Pub before we went to see Saybia play fredagsrock in Tivoli.

See pictures (not by me or anyone I know) from the concert here:

I have never really been a great Saybia fan – and must admit that they had to play more than one tune before I even started to recognise the music. I was not the only one not feeling the full concert vibe, so we headed out of Tivoli and ended up at Den Glade Gris.
After a bit of waiting a live band started playing some nice Rock covers. One hour followed the next and after a while some of the guys and girls started leaving, so the rest of us moved on to Heidi’s to meet some new people. It was hot (as always) and our entire group managed to get thrown out over a quarrel with one of the bartenders. At first he just called the doorman to move one or two of us out, but as the rest of us started to question the logic we were all asked to leave. The doorman of course had to follow the requests from the bartender, but deep down I think he him self could see that it was a bit silly throwing us out. His said something along the lines of “You’r clearly having to much fun” to justify throwing us out. Which makes a lot of sense – usually people come to Heidi’s to sit and be depressed? If I want to have fun, I go out, if I want to be alone and depressed I will stay in my room and watch a wall, Swedish television or something similarly depressing/boring.

Anyway, we moved on, was thrown out of another bar (because they closed, not because of our good spirit) and finally ended up in Lades Kælder.

So, I had hoped yesterday could just be easy and relaxing, but Søren had just returned from a month of inter rail, so when he asked me to a party at his dorm I really could not say no. And as always in the dorm I ended up getting a lot of Harboe gulds and liquor. Long story short, after a lot of heavy drinking at the dorm and a few other places I finally went home from a party (with a bonfire in the back yard and everything) in a collective in Bellahøj.