The wrath of God!

So, i passed my final exam this semester. I did not make a brilliant presentation, but it was a oral exam that was graded as “passed” or “not passed” and i got a passed, so now is my wacation – quite nice.
Went to a party over at Søren H’s place – got drunk and all that… and this is the point in the story where the warth of god comes in. Because today i was awoken quite early by his evil minions! The people in the church next door (which is not quite a church) were singing and playing music so i woke up just now with a headace.

I also went to see “Sin City” – nice movie. Although our seets were not that great and i suspect that i might have missed a few parts of the plot. Might go to see it again.

Det sker bare ikke, Lars Krimi!

Det var tordenvejr her for en time eller to siden, og både kabel-tv signalet og strømmen til vaskekælderen er forsvundet. Så der er ingen aflappende tv eller rent tøj før min skriftlige eksamen i morgen eftermiddag.

Nåh, så er det jo heller ikke værre – der er stadig et par rene underdrenge i min skuffe… og det værste der kan ske til eksamen i morgen er at jeg dumper – right?

One down, four to go

So, today i passed the first of my exams for this semester today. It was a 30 min oral exam in the history of mathematics – and i drew the topic “mathematics in the 17. century”.
All in all it is nice to have passed the first exam. I don’t have much time for enjoying the moment though. I will be handed my next exam over this friday, and then i will have 24 hours to work on it. Oh joy!