Summer the way it is supposed to be…!

Tuesday I got up late(ish) and went to visit Esben. We went for a run in Amager Fællede. We did manage to stray from the marked trail and ended up on a path that really wasn’t a path. In the end we were in some very long grass and facing water so deep and wide that we had no option but to turn back.

After the run we went to Havnebadet for a quick swim in the 20 degrees hot water and some lunch at Kulturhuset. Sitting outside in the sun having a burger by the water front is just something I don’t do often enough.

Later in the day Thomas had invited quite a big group of people for dinner and a movie. Emil (who I hadn’t seen in ages) was one of the people. He has just gotten him self a motor cycle not to long ago, so we agreed that we had to go for a ride some time soon. The movie, Harry Potter, was ok – I haven’t read the books, so nothing was spoiled for me. I think some of the other more ‘hardcore’ fans were a bit disappointed but that is the way it always is when you read the book and then see the movie. I thought the movie ended rather sudden, but I guess you have to remember that it is followed by two more books / movies. All in all a nice evening.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text message from Emil. The weather was perfect for a quick MC ride. And it had been quite some time since my bike had last been taken for a spin.
We decided to meet up in Virum. From there we rode out to the coast and then up north along the water. It really is a nice view and the sunny weather only made it better. We got all the way to Helsingør and the Kronborg Castle and then back home on the freeway. I finally met up with Esben (and later on Mark and Rasmus) for a great workout – and to top it off this morning (well, noon) I went running with Rasmus… I think my legs will be sore tomorrow.

Weee, rush hour

I went to visit my grandmother today, and after visiting her drove north to visit my father. On the freeway I ran into the rush hour – how people can go through that every day is beyon me.

My father and I planed out roughly where we are going on our trip, booked a few hotels and figured out a bit about the packing. I’m actually starting to realise that we are leaving soon… I think it will be great fun!

On the way home I drow down Strandvejen just taking it slow and watching the scenery.

Tuesday Thomas and I went to Havnebadet, and even though the weatherpeople had promised rainshowers and we did feel a few drips as we biked through Nørrebro, the weather was great when we got there. All sunshine from a clear sky! So we got a bit of sun and a few swimming strokes.