Five free StarCraft II Beta invites

As you may know I have been so lucky as to be included in the beta testing of the coming StarCraft II game. Blizzard has now begun distributing invites through the people already in the Beta. So, long story short, I now have five invites to hand out. Sure, I could let them go to friends, but I just feel like there should be some reward to the regular readers of this blog.

It is going to work on a first come, first serve basis, so feel free to click the links to the invites below, but pleas only help your self to one invite, lave some for the next person.

If you are lucky enough to get one of the invites on this the first day of April, feel free to get in touch in game, so we can do a little 1 vs. 1 – but be warned, I play a mean protoss. And although the game is in some aspects very similar to the old StarCraft (and BroodWar expansion) a lot of new units are available, so you may need to spend the first few games just getting used to all the new features of your favourite real time strategy game.


Beta Key 1
Beta Key 2
Beta Key 3
Beta Key 4
Beta Key 5