The best things in life are free

(Plus shipping and handling)

David Rovics is a folk singer/songwriter with some interesting songs about big and small political topics – and a few love songs.

You can get all his songs for a price at iTunes or you can download them for free at the internet – and legally I might add. David has released most (all?) of his music under a Creative Commons license, so anyone is free to share the music, as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.

A lot of his music can be found here at soundclick.

A few of my favorites include these humorous tunes with a funny approach to different themes – big and small.

Parking Lots and Strip Malls
Cannabis Cafe
The Alligator Song
Sit Down to Piss
Polyamory Song
The Flag Desecration Rag
Evening News

Anti war songs (mostly about Iraq some more general)

Who Would Jesus Bomb?
after we torture our prisoners
Operation Iraqi Liberation

And finally this non-political romantic song

like i think about you

There it was, all along…

I went out to visit Esben for some pizza, a single beer, a tour of his room (and entire dorm) – and just a slow evening of being still hung over from the night before.

Among other things Esben showed me this new fancy website/program/social site, called It monitors the music you listen to, and then (among many other things) suggests, based on what others that have listened to the same music also listens to, music that you might find interesting.
The idea is quite similar to iRATE radio, only can work with more or less any music player, where as iRATE is it’s own player, and only plays what you fetch through their server.

Anyway, I looked closer at possible programs etc. today, only to find out that my (current) favorite player, Amarok, has full support. So no hassle with installing extra programs etc. All I need to do is sign up for an account, and take it from there. Just the kind of program I need… sweet.