UDS Blog-o-Rama: My first UDS

So, I’m attending my first UDS in my hometown of Copenhagen.

As a non-developer my primary focus has been on the community track, but in general it has been exciting just to be around all the great people who make Ubuntu happen.

I think the most important thing I will be taking with me from this UDS is the use of Launchpad Blueprints for team-management. My understanding is that so far Blueprints have primarily been used by development-teams to track and manage their work, but there is no reason for LoCo teams and other teams to not use Blueprints.

Thanks to Randall for organizing this blog-sweatshop-o-rama :)

Photo by: Will Scullin

Going to FSCONS

I recently got a positive response to my application for a scholarship to go to FSCONS.

So come November I will be going to Gothenburg for a weekend to dive into the wonderful world of Free Culture and Open Source Software.

There has been some talk on the Ubuntu Nordic mail-list about meeting up during the conference to meet ‘face-to-face’, and hopefully help us cooperate more in the Nordic region.
If you are going to the conference, and are into Ubuntu, I urge you to sign up on the wiki-page linked above. I would love to meet a lot of Ubuntu people at FSCONS.

I like wiki and irc

So when Martin formulated the great idea of a closer cooperation between the nordic Ubuntu LoCo teams I made a wiki page and registered #ubuntu-nordic (and #ubuntu-scandinavia) on the Freenode irc network.

So lets get the ball rolling. First steps could be setting up a joint mail list, a planet, inviting members of the other teams to joint release parties (as Niels mentioned in a forum post) and sharing material produced by one of the teams with the rest.