“I am Megatron!”

I finally got to see the Transformers movie. I ‘missed’ it at the cinema but caught it with Søren Wednesday night. And what do you do after seeing a movie a Wednesday night in Copenhagen?

I know what I did. I went to Studenterhuset, The Moose and Basement (in that order) to get drunk. And looking back I can only say: “mission accomplished”.

At The Moose I ran into a couple who claimed the were going to open a restaurant with french cuisine just down the street I live in. It might have been a big fat lie (I’m very gullible – especially when drunk), but if the do I guess I really should stop by and see if it is any good.

I was born to tend a bar!

… well, properly not. But I had my bar tending virginity taken yesterday afternoon. It’s not that I haven’t poured a beer behind a bar before but I have never been behind a “real” bar with a cash register, dishwasher etc.
I was part of the volunteer staff at Studenterhuset. It was a very slow afternoon, mostly tourists asking for coffee and it was clear that the semester hasn’t started yet. But it was a great opportunity for me to familiarize myself with the cappuccino machine, cash register etc. without to many thirsty students breathing down my neck. But I properly wont quit my day job just yet.

Speaking of my day job, I have now taught for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and I’m still alive! The students seem nice so far and I have been able to fill the schedule with meaning full content so far. (At least I thing so…) I was very tired after the first day and I do have a lot of preparation for each lesson, but hopefully as I get the hang of it and get into a routine I will be able to get by using less time to prepare each lesson.