Today was Sunday. I got up around… late. Found something to eat, got dressed, had a bath (maybe not that way around) packed my algebra books and headed for the park where Esben was already sitting reading seriously. The weather today was really great. Not a cloud at the sky, and nice and warm. I looked over my algebra problems for the last hand in, and quickly realised that I was in no way able to solve any of them. Dosed off on the grass, half awake, half asleep. Woke up again some time later, took another look at the books. Convinced my self that I could do one of the problems, but didn’t get anything down on paper, so I will properly have to do the whole argument again some time later. Dosed off on the grass in the sun again until around 3 pm.
Got home, played a bit of computer games, until Rasmus showed up. Esben, Rasmus and I then went running. I gave up half way, but the important thing is that I have started running – and it won’t be the last time!
After some diner consisting of salmon bagels Esben and I did some WoW playing and some TV watching.
All in all a great Sunday with no work and all play. Just as Sundays are supposed to be!