So, that’s what censorship looks like…

Danish ISP Tele2 has been forced to censor Russian based website I haven’t used’s service, and don’t plan to in the future, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t interesting and disturbing to me. If IFPI can get the courts to turn off today, who will get what website turned off tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here is a screen shot of what my browser returns when I try to visit


However, the censorship is not impossible to get around, if you have a little technical skill…

If you were to add the following few lines to your hosts file you should be well on your way to getting around the blocking (for now).

In a completely unrelated topic, I finished my algebra exam today. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but I should be sure of passing (and isn’t that the important part?). It was a written exam, so my final grade is not known yet. Time will tell.

Now I’m (almost) off to get some Julebryg of some sort, and then I have a packed (but interesting) weekend ahead of me. Take care out there (who ever might be listening out there…).


Today was Sunday. I got up around… late. Found something to eat, got dressed, had a bath (maybe not that way around) packed my algebra books and headed for the park where Esben was already sitting reading seriously. The weather today was really great. Not a cloud at the sky, and nice and warm. I looked over my algebra problems for the last hand in, and quickly realised that I was in no way able to solve any of them. Dosed off on the grass, half awake, half asleep. Woke up again some time later, took another look at the books. Convinced my self that I could do one of the problems, but didn’t get anything down on paper, so I will properly have to do the whole argument again some time later. Dosed off on the grass in the sun again until around 3 pm.
Got home, played a bit of computer games, until Rasmus showed up. Esben, Rasmus and I then went running. I gave up half way, but the important thing is that I have started running – and it won’t be the last time!
After some diner consisting of salmon bagels Esben and I did some WoW playing and some TV watching.
All in all a great Sunday with no work and all play. Just as Sundays are supposed to be!

Getting a passing grade, or passing a grade?

For reasons that are unclear to me my java course has ended yesterday. I did all the hand-ins, so I can now consider that course passed. One step closer to holidays!
I still need to do one more hand-in for my algebra course, but with the results from the other previous hand-ins I should be fairly sure of passing that course to. The question that poses it self is of course if I can pass with a grade better than just passed. I hope so!

So it would seem that my studying will end around the 20. of June, which is more than a week earlier that I had initially thought. Nice.

So, besides the last algebra hand-in I should really start looking into what courses to follow in the fall semester. I’m fairly sure I will follow a algebra course, but besides that I have a lot of doubts. But I should be able to figure it out today… hopefully.

Back to school

School started again this week. Went well so far. Tuesday I had the first lectures and problem session for my course about C*-algebras and today (yes, it is still kind off Wednesday) I had my first lecture and problem session for my Java course. I forgot to bring the obligatory coca-cola soda, but to keep in touch with the computer science roots of that course I was wearing my old Red Alert t-shirt, but I don’t think anyone noticed – it’s still to cold here to walk around in just a t-shirt. Although it is getting warmer almost day by day…

I started the weekend with some heavy drinking with Joe, which left me quite smashed for the next days Kapi-Lab, but I got “through”, and I would like to think that it gave me some new insight into some of the topics that were discussed. Finally Saturday I got up late’ish but drove my MC to Malmö (first time over the bridge – was kind of a let down, it’s quite flat and there was low visibility when I was driving across) to see Joe’s and his brother Anders’s new apartment over there. It still needs paint, furniture etc., but it looks really nice and big, and Malmö (or what I saw of it) seems like a real nice city.

So, tomorrow is my day off (although I think finding stuff to do won’t be a problem, among other things there is always reading), and then it’s almost weekend. And I think this weekend might also involve a bit of drinking… time will tell.