The first Ubuntu-dk podcast

After much work, and many delayed meetings, the Danish podcast team finally released their first episode yesterday.

It is all in Danish, so you properly won’t be able to make much of it, if you don’t speak Danish, but it is a good episode, and hopefully is the first of a long line of fabulous podcasts. Besides a podcast in Danish with a focus on the legal aspects of software licences and immaterial rights, this seems to be the first Danish podcast about free and open source software, and the ambition of the podcast team is clearly to be larger than just Ubuntu. Hopefully this can become a podcast for the entire free software (and free culture?) movement in Denmark.

The people behind this first episode are Jesper Jarlskov, Niels Kjøller Hansen & Sakse Dalum, and so far the reactions I have heard from people who have listened to the podcast have been positive. There was a small problem with sound quality, due to some microphone trouble, but hopefully things will only improve from now on, as the team gains experience, and the sound problem in no way ruins the podcast.

On a more selfish note, I myself have a small appearance in the first episode, as I was invited to be interviewed about our coming Ubuntu 9.10 release party, named Ubuntu Live!

A big Congratulations to the podcast team!
I look forward to the next (and the next and…) episode and think this will be a great way to spread the word of Ubuntu and Free Software in Denmark, and strengthen the Free Software community here. Hopefully people from outside the Danish Ubuntu community will enjoy the podcast as well.