With friends like these, who needs underwear?

When I got up from bed this morning and was looking through my closet for clean clothes I could not find any underpants. First I was very confused, both because there were lots of sock at the place where my underpants usually are (can underwear transform itself to socks in 24 hours?), and also I could have sworn that it was not that long ago since I last did laundry, so there should have be plenty. Very strange.

I decided to go for a bath, get my contact lenses on, wake up a bit more and come back for a close look.
Nope, they were still gone when I came back. I looked at some of the other drawers, but no luck.

So, when I got home from school today I found a plastic bag full of underwear in my living room… The plot thickens!

I called up the usual suspect, Esben, who moved to Amager yesterday with the help of Mark and Rasmus. He told me that Mark and Rasmus had pulled the little stunt on me while they were helping Esben move yesterday. So Esben had returned the bag today, when he came to pick up the last things and fix a few other stuff.

… so what I really need now is a evil scheme to get back at them.