Getting a passing grade, or passing a grade?

For reasons that are unclear to me my java course has ended yesterday. I did all the hand-ins, so I can now consider that course passed. One step closer to holidays!
I still need to do one more hand-in for my algebra course, but with the results from the other previous hand-ins I should be fairly sure of passing that course to. The question that poses it self is of course if I can pass with a grade better than just passed. I hope so!

So it would seem that my studying will end around the 20. of June, which is more than a week earlier that I had initially thought. Nice.

So, besides the last algebra hand-in I should really start looking into what courses to follow in the fall semester. I’m fairly sure I will follow a algebra course, but besides that I have a lot of doubts. But I should be able to figure it out today… hopefully.

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