I went folk-dancing (and later on to Park – no folk-dancing there) with the ESN-Copenhagen Thursday. While at Park I was told of a ‘drinking’ game called Minesweeper. I had never heard of it before, so I thought I might as well share here on my blog…

You play the game at a club, bar or really anywhere with a lot of people (most fun if you don’t know everyone, so a public place is best I guess). Then you go around to pickup and drink ‘abandoned’ drinks.
If the drink you pickup is not entirely abandoned part of the game is of course also to not get noticed by the right full owner of the drink.

So, how do you ‘hit a mine’?
The example I was given is that if you get a drink with drugs in it, you have ‘hit a mine’! I don’t know if putting drugs in drinks and leaving them around a bar is common practise anywhere, but I have never heard of it before… anyway, I guess you could add to the game and decide that getting a beer bottle with a cigarette bud in it or getting caught by the right full owner of the drink would also count as hitting a mine…

Sounds fun? I thought it was a very fun idea when I heard about it…

PS. Don’t try this at home kids! Of course you should not go around drinking drinks you haven’t bought your self or you don’t know whats in… (without bringing me along to judge your performance!)

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