I need a holiday after this vacation!

Today I came home from a five day visit to Amsterdam. The trip did not start out in the best way. One of the guys in the group didn’t catch the plane and had to ride the train to Amsterdam instead – a trip that takes quite a bit longer than the two hours the rest of us had to spend on a plane. On top of that I left Copenhagen with a cold and a bit of fever (properly something I caught in the mud of Roskilde). When we finally arrived the weather was so-and-so and our hotel was located 8 kilometers outside the city center.

All those things aside the trip went well. Except for a visit to the Anne Frank House we didn’t really ‘see’ anything. But for some reason just passing time and letting days pass by is not as hard as it might sound.
I have unfortunately never read the Anne Frank Diary but did know her ‘story’. After visiting her former hiding place, reading it has moved up quite a bit on my mental ‘to do’ list.

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