So, what did I actually see and do in Paris?

I saw a lot of the sights, I got a taste for wine (who would have thought that all it took was 6 days in Paris?), I went drinking near the Place de la Bastille,

saw a lot of the sights and drank absinthe (made the right way – with sugar, fire and water) in a bar. I could not find my way back to the bar again – and even if I could, I was sworn that I would never reveal its location. But if you ever find your self sitting on a bed turned sofa in the backroom of a bar in the Montmatre area and see this lamp, you’re in the right place!

I saw the sun set over the Montmatre, the Notre Dame

and the huge garden park and lake of the Versailles.

I managed to climb the steps all the way up to the Sacré-Cæur

and walked for several hours inside the Louvre.

More pictures here, and a quick thanks goes to Esben for lending me his camera.

2 thoughts on “So, what did I actually see and do in Paris?”

  1. Hey Soren,

    You were a very good visitor, and I think you got everything checked off your list–maybe more than you expected to!! Me and Helen think about you every time we break the law in Paris!!
    Take care of yourself and keep in touch!



  2. Hi Emily.

    You were a great guide and host of Paris, and I think you helped me make the most of my time there – and get lots of things added to, and checked off, my list (in that order).

    So thank you again for taking the time to be my guide of Paris.


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