Back from Paris – safe and sound

I’m back from quite a trip. I do kind of feel like I just fell from the moon – which is wired, as there really is no time difference or anything like that from here to Paris.

The trip home went fine (besides from a bit rough take off from Paris – had the pilot looked to deep in the red wine bottle?).
Funny thing though. I flew home over Amsterdam (to get the cheapest tickets). From Paris to Amsterdam I flew with Air France, from Amsterdam to Copenhagen with KLM. In the Air France flight (and also on the Air France flight that took me out from Copenhagen to Paris) the row numbers and seat letters where ‘hidden’ under the sealing so I had to bend my knees and neck to make them out – while in the KLM flight they were right in sight for a tall(ish) guy like me.
Actually a bit like the metro system in Paris. There I also had to bend in the knees and tilde my head to make out the stations from inside the metro train when standing (no, I did not learn the entire metro system by heart in the 6 days I was there). So, are the french just lower than the Dutch (and Danish) or is that just the way things have always been, so there should be no need to change? Guess I will never know…

When I get an overview of some of the pictures I have take I will put a few of them up for all to see somewhere. It just seems like the internet needs more touristy and ‘out of focus’ pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe I will also write a few words of what I actually did and saw in Paris… stay tuned.

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