Freemail works!

Freemail is a plugin that enables anonymous e-mail messages to be sent over Freenet (so you need to be running freenet in order to use Freemail). You can load the plugin from the plugins menu at your FProxy Homepage. If you ‘visit’ the freemail plugins page you can set up a new account and should then be able to connect to a local mail server at

IMAP, Server: localhost, Port: 3143
SMTP, Server: localhost, Port: 3025

Feel free to freemail me at

or sbc@he3vg5cfinudoscwnnjfozdfne4howktovjuyykkkzdxcu3yiznh4usoom4wkmtjgvee2lczlf7hallzizdeqrdlpjlfmttjkm4w6odugv2fknstk5zukrd6le2xiscdozls2slqhfesyqkrifbucqkf.freemail)

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