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This week I was by a local print shop called Unic Print to get some flyers, posters and banners printed for the upcoming Ubuntu Live! at the CBS here in Copenhagen.

The guy I talked to there was a great Ubuntu / FOSS fan, and they even had a few pc’s with Ibex installed for public use just at the entrance of the shop. In the future, he told me, they also hoped to have a stand with free Linux cds.

However he had one problem before he could switch the entire shop to Ubuntu. Getting the big printers and the machine he used to embroider onto clothes working without Windows was hard. So my question is, does anyone know anything about the status of getting these kinds of machines working outside a Windows environment? I think the big printer was a Roland, but I could be wrong.

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  1. Getting the model & brand of the printers would help. Can you ask them ?

    Then you could tell them how to contact the manufacturer to let them know taht shop is using Ubuntu. Money talks!

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