That was easy and painless…

I just upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.8. As a reader, you properly won’t even notice, but as a publisher it seems I will now have smoother access to themes and widgets. See this video for all the goodness.

The upgrade was more easy than ever. I just clicked twice in the web interface, and it was done.


How easy is that?!? Great work from WordPress!

6 thoughts on “That was easy and painless…”

  1. Well, I’ve also just upgraded to WP 2.8 today. My upgrade didn’t go as easy though – when using the Danish version the upgrade reminder apparently doesn’t disappear. But aside from that, it went extremely smooth! :)

  2. Wow!

    I just upgraded as well. It was a breeze!

    The many WordPress upgrades always bothered me about blogging, but if it’s going to be as snappy as this from now on, I’ll be very happy. :)

  3. drubin is right; apache shouldn’t be able to write to /var/www

    what you can do with wordpress though is create a ftp server listening on only, create a user with write & home directory permissions to /var/www and use wordpress’s internal ftp upgrade mechanism

    (if it can’t write, it will prompt you for a ftp account that can).

    It’s like sudo via ftp, if you will…..

  4. @ drubin + zonky:

    Thanks for the heads up, but I’m not sure my hosting provider allows me to fine tune like that. I really just have a ftp account (and a database account) and that is it. No option for creating users or other fancy stuff. I will just have to keep recent backups and hope for the best.

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