The Danish Team got our free Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex CDs today!

The CD box contains

  • Ubuntu: PC: 230
  • Kubuntu: PC: 50
  • Server PC: PC: 50
  • Server 64bit: PC: 20

I actually thought the box would also include some 64bit (k)ubuntu desktop CDs. But there you go. If you are part of the Danish LoCo Team do get in touch if you want to help distribute these CDs. Everyone is of course free to use the Ship It service.

The delivery company (TNT) also deserves some praise. I wasn’t at home when they tried to deliver yesterday – but on my way home I received a phone call (why getting on the Metro) informing me that they had a package for me, if I would be home the next day or if other arrangements should be made. As it happens today is my day off, so I was at home, and they promised to be here between 9 and 16. I think they were here around 10.

Compared to other shipments I have received this was a nice service.

Så er den her

Ubuntu 8.10 (med kælenavnet Intrepid Ibex) er som planlagt blevet udgivet i dag.

Jeg har startet Azureus for at hente .iso filer ned. De skal jo gerne være klar til Ubuntu Live!, så vi kan få brændt en masse cd’er til interesserede. Jeg har også brugt lidt af dagen i dag til at eksperimentere med muligheden for at brænde .iso filer til usb-sticks. Der følger et program med Ubuntu 8.10 der gør det muligt at ‘brænde’ f.eks. en live cd til en usb stick. Meget praktisk altid at kunne gå rundt med en Ubuntu Live cd – bare i formen af en usb stick.

Den nye Ubuntu kan hentes her:

Getting ready to celebrate the Ibex

With the help of SSLUG the Danish Team now has a place to celebrate the coming release of Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex.

For the Hardy release ØJLUG helped us get a location in Århus. This time the release party will take place in Copenhagen, at the CBS (Copenhagen Business School).

If you are in (or near) Copenhagen on the first of November feel free to drop by – more info will follow here or at the wiki. If Copenhagen is to far contact your local LUG or LoCo team and see if they have something planned. If not, get something organised and post it here!

PS. It’s on!