New theme

I have been wanting to make this blog look more ‘fresh’ (in lack of a better word) for some time, and after a lot of tweaking I got the Greenery theme working to my liking. What caused me the most trouble was getting the theme working with the tools I use to mirror this blog to freenet, but when I actually started looking at the documentation for said tools everything went smooth.

On a more serious note, I have finally opened my books (which are actually notes) and started reading today – my algebra exam is in a little more than two weeks (Oh joy!) so I guess I can’t postpone it much longer.

Hello Freenet

If you don’t know what freenet is, this post won’t make much sense to you. If you do know, chances are that you are reading this post from freenet.

I have been using freenet for a long time, but haven’t really inserted content before. Some of you may ‘know’ me as sbc in the #freenet irc channel on freenode.

Even though it might not be original content I have chosen to mirror my blog to freenet, as it seems content is the only real thing non-coders can help out with. I’m still trying to figure out if I should use wget instead of httrack, so there might be a few more tweaks coming up. For inserting I’m using PyFCP. I still don’t quite grasp the whole key thing fully yet. Hopefully I will soon. You should be able to reach my blog on freenet at

USK@jBURIYscwTP6akmRCfykvkcVc4bHQQICv75UwuwIh5k,W5gehPmNBoXUDM8Ly35mf~mMOtaJqy00XIar29GfSHg,AQABAAE/Blog/2/and as always on the real net at

First post / last post

I have been quite happy with using Livejournal for my blogging so far, but have now decided to give WordPress a try. I have been working with it some time ago, but got away from it again.

Now I have WordPress running at my new web provider and after a lot (to many?) point’n’clicks I got all my old blog entrys transfered. So the new adress for my blog will now be, and this is the last blog entry on my old blog – but the first (real) one at the new one…
I hope WordPress lives up to all the good things I have heard about it.

Nerd mode – enabled

Søren har lovet at passe på katten (og huset?), mens hans forældre er ude og rejse, og jeg er taget med for at “hjælpe” ham. Dvs. et par dage med intenst druk, sol, grill, video og computer-nørden.

Jeg har allerede brugt tiden på, bl.a. at kigge på VMwares nye gratis server og så har jeg endelig fået skiftet min tidligere udbyder, dht ud med unoeuro. Selvom jeg måske ikke bryder mig meget om deres navn håber jeg på at blive lidt mere tilfreds med deres service. Redelegeringen af name-servers er vist stadig i gang som jeg skriver dette, men nu er det vist bare et spørgsmål om tid. Jeg har også gået og overvejet at flytte min blog fra livejournal til mit eget domæne, men nu må vi se om jeg får taget mig sammen.

På det lidt mindre nørdede plan så tager søren og jeg nok til stranden snarest – vejret er jo lige til det! (Selvom det nu også er rart at side i en have med en trådlås bærbar og nørde og nyde livet.

Sommer er nu den bedste tid på året…

First post – meta

First post and all that. I feel that, before i go on actually posting what would be “normal” blog content i should take a few lines to explain/justify why i have started blogging, why i have started blogging with Live Journal and what kind of content will be in this blog.

I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time now (months?) and actually had a running blog on my own home computer running WordPress. But even though that gave me a lot of options and freedoms i also gave me lots of problems. The software had to be kept updated, the computer had to be online all the time and so on. So i realized that if i used one of the free blog-sites on the net someone else would have to bother about all that, and i could consentrate on writing. After a (quick) look at some different sites, I picked live journal. It is (currently) witout banner adds, runs on free software and seems “nice”. I did not pick live journal for it’s communitys as that is not really what i’m looking for, but now that it is there it may be a feature i will take advanteage of at some later point in time.

Don’t expect this blog to be much different than so many others. There will proberly be the same rambeling, daily stories and general comments on the world that surrounds me as you can find in any other blog, but it is mine and i will try to get the best out of it. Note also that i do not write this blog for the reader but primarily for my self to give me somewhere public to express my views on things.

Also, as english is my second language, I may from time to time switch to writing danish entries. Time will tell. (And neither in english or in danish will spelling be a primary consern of mine. Live with it – noone is forcing you to read this – hopefully.)