The no vote in the Netherlands yesterday confirmed again that the new proposed constitution does not have a public backing.

Also, here in Denmark the public support for the treaty is dropping, acording to this. Let’s see if we are even going to have a referendum here, with all that is going on. Ohh well, nothing i can do regarding that now anyway. Back to studying.

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Yesterday, the french voted no to the proposed new eu constitution. I am pleased with this and hope that this will put an end to it.
There has been a lot of talk of why the french woted as they did, and a lot of people have tried to explain the result and tried to conclude that the french did not know what they were voting about. Shows what these people think of democracy…

Anyway, late sunday evening i was down in front of the french embasy in copenhagen where there was speaches, dancing and general meriment. Parts of the danish “no movenment” and the danish left wanted to manifest that the french are not the only ones opposed to the new treatie, but that the opposition is international (or, atleast, spread out over all of europe).

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