Amazing Grace

Yesterday was fourth of July, the American Independence Day. Not really a holiday I have ever celebrated in the past, but yesterday I attended two (different) celebrations of the day.

The first was a political manifestation. I joined over 300 others outside the Ministry of Defence, located at Holmens Kanal. There we put on orange jumpsuits, black hoods and chains around feet and hands. Then we went in one long line – three by three – to the American Embassy in complete silence (except for the rattling of the chains). Upon arrival we song the Amazing Grace, and then went our separate ways. Even though there were a whole bunch of reporters with cameras, I have only been able to find very shallow covering of the event – if I do manage to find more pictures or general news items about it, I will link it here later. For now, take a quick look here for a single picture.

So, with the political manifestation of the day taken care of I moved on to Amager for a more traditional celebration. We were just about 14 people, grilling (or do you call it barbecuing in the states?), drinking beer and having a good time.

I got home late’ish, slept until noon and now I should be just about ready to start my day… (being on holidays sure is sweet!)