It has been a long time since I last wrote here and I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts togehter. It has also been a long time sicne I last wrote in my diary – which might be a factor in my mental situation. So many things should have my attention, and at the end of the day quite a lot of those things seem… meaningless or not really important in the big picture. What I really need is to clear my mind and get a grip I think. Or loos grip and just see where the whirlwind that is life takes me? But enough of my rambeling pocket-philosophy.

Thursday I was at “julestue” at my old school, met some of my old class mates, some of my old teachers, etc. A few of us ended up getting some beer and went towards the city. We ended up at Sams Bar (of all places!) after having been by Postpuben in Lyngby, Out of Juice and Moose.

I have finally started writing on my bachelor project. So far I have written very little, and most of it is notes and thoughts, more than actual readable content. But when I get a little more done, and it starts looking a bit more… ready, I will start distributing it far and wide in the hope than some more eyes than mine can catch all the spelling mistakes, etc. The project has to be 30 pages so right now I just want to get somthing down on paper (or tex as it is), but since the topics I have to touch on are rather wide, limiting myself and picking out the important parts (and leaving out the trivial) will proberly become a challenge later. Anyway, I have to be done by the 27. of January 2006 – so wish me luck.