Have you seen my Facebook graph?

Isn’t it nice. Full of nodes and edges.

But seriously though, I have started an online course called Social Network Analysis, on Coursera.

If you don’t know about Coursera, this Ted Talk should give you an idea of how Coursera hopes to bring education to everyone through online education.


This is the second Coursera course I’m following. The first one was Algorithms, Part I, which I unfortunately didn’t finish in time. Apparently a hard deadline doesn’t mean what I think it means. You can (most likely) find my Coursera profile here.

I think the Coursera idea is fantastic, and I hope to dedicate myself to follow one course at any given time. (But who knows, maybe I will grow tired of it in a few weeks.)

Anyway, back to my Facebook graph. The image has been produced with Gephi, which is the primary tool that has been introduced in the Social Network Analysis course. I think it is a bit fun to look at the graph and think about how friends, colleagues and family are connected and how they arrange them selves, depending on the different settings of the graph-visualization software.

One of those days…

This morning when I came down to my motorcycle I saw someone had tried to steal it using a screwdriver or a similar object. The end result is that the ignition is mangled to a extend where my key will no longer fit.

So I ran to catch the train instead, and while waiting at the station some crazy guy with a pair of scissors tries to attack some innocent person. Someone else called the police and the crazy guy quickly gave up and got on a train leaving the station. No one was physically hurt, but I’m sure it must have been quite intense for the poor guy getting attacked and threatened.

So, what else can go wrong today?!?