Is this a police state?

During the last days of rioting here in Copenhagen the danish police has “searched” quite a lot of adresses around the city. It seems they have primarily been looking for people who have participated in the protests against the clearing of Ungdomshuset. The problem is that the police seem to have “forgotten” to bring search warrants.

I understand that the last couple of days have not been ‘buisness as usual’ for the police here in the Danish capitol, but has it really come so far that legal political organisations can have their memberlists searched by police without a warrent?

Sturday the third of March the police searched Folkets Hus (press releas from Folkets Hus, in danish) and Rød Ungdom‘s office (news article from, also in danish).

Fun two day ahead…

I just saw one of the cars the police use for transporting several cops in riot gear running at high speed and lights flashing down Gothersgade. I can only guess where they are going, but my guess is that it is not the last cop car i’m gong to see in the next two days. The american president is coming to Copenhagen – unfortunately. I would rather have seen him stay at home. But now that he is comming i’m going to show my unhappiness with his politics by joining the big demonstration against him tomorow around two o’clock. This afternoon (in 2 hours or so) i will be going to a concert in Fælledparken for “MakePovertyHistory”.

So, let’s see in two days how many normal danish citicens have had their day ruined by the presidents visit… Hopefully that is all that will go wrong – I fear that the police will be cracking down in a nasty violent manner on the demonstrators. Hopefully that will not happen – time will tell.