Beer ticket (and more)

Inspirered by Peter Makholm‘s lightning talk on the Open Moko i will start with the ‘conclusion’ and work my way backwards.

I got the last beer ticket!

Fullrate (who happen to be my ISP) sponsored quite a few free beers at the Open Source Days 2008. However there was not enough for everyone and I happened to get the last ticket (after the two persons in front of me had declined it). The tickets were handed out after the keynote by Daniel Klein. (Does anyone know if the keynote or the slides are available on line somewhere?)

Before the keynote I spend most of Saturday either attending lightning talks or sitting at the Ubuntu booth. Work at the booth was quite relaxed. Mostly people just stopped by for some free CDs and to tell how happy they were with Ubuntu. There weren’t really any technical questions. If that can be taken as an expression that Ubuntu just works or if we were just lucky I don’t know. I will leave it up to you to draw conclusions.

Some people from The Software Exchange (a project under the Ministry of Science, technology and Innovation) had a very cosy and inviting booth sporting a roaring fireplace (on a LCD tv), a moose head (with the nickname Elge Sander), comfortable leather chairs and a portrait of the sabdfl him self. Really was a fun setup!

Janus has pictures from Thursday and Friday + Saturday.
Niels took more pictures that will hopefully come on line soon.