Se could not even recognise me – at first

I went to visit my grandmother today. I must admit that I don’t visit her to often – but today when I showed up she could not recognise me. However, after a little while she did, and we could talk for a while. Unfortunately my grandmothers hearing is getting very bad, so I had to talk very loud, and I don’t think she understood all the details of what I told her – but she did understand that I have gotten a job since we last talked and that I’m soon going to Japan.

Talking of Japan, I have finally exchanged some money (so I’m now carrying around several thousands of yen – I feel so wealthy with all those zeroes printed on the notes). I have also added a small app at the top of my pc screen showing what the weather is like in Tokyo – 21 degree Celsius is what it tells me right now. A little bit better than the 12 degrees here.